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If you are feeling a little shell-shocked by your visit to the Ghostland Observatory (darn it, even if I don't like the album, I still like the name), you can turn to one of those bands that everyone acknowledges but I'm not sure how many actually own. Wire, along with the likes of Gang of Four, Television, or the Fall, get name-dropped like it is going out of style by most music critics (and I, by no means, am immune to this), but whether these bands are heard or just revered from a distance, it can be debated until we all pass out from the hot air.

Yet, of all these, Wire is still producing post-punk noise. Read & Burn 03 is merely an EP, but it is densely packed with the sort of songs you might expect from Wire: vaguely aggressive but rooted in strong melodies and definitely aimed at disaffected intellectuals. Heck, "23 Years Too Late" clocks in at 9:46 and leads off the EP, so you know what you're getting yourself into pretty quickly. The EP isn't the best you might get from Wire, but you typically can't go wrong the band, even 30 years into their career.