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Casper and the Cookies

Once in a while, a band comes along that transcends your typical ideas of indie rock or indie pop. One that shines ingenuity without seeming pretentious; that seemlessly blends styles, eras, and genres. Today, that band is Athens, GA's Casper & the Cookies.

You may remember them as the loveably fun band opening for the Apples in Stereo on their spring tour last year. Now, they've recorded a masterpiece called Modern Silence with the help of Bill Doss (Olivia Tremor Control, Apples in Stereo, the Sunshine Fix).

Here's what the leader of the Cookies, Jason Nesmith, has to say about Modern Silence:

Modern Silence: a phrase that evokes a number of themes. We used most of them: awkward long distance phone calls- language barriers- social anxiety- absence (or a general lack of presence)-a sudden numbing realization that one can no longer think of oneself as a good person-extraterrestrial friendship—and of course jazz-mime.”

Today, I bring you the very first sneak peek! This is a Three Imaginary Girls exclusive! Here's the song "Little King" from their upcoming TBD release Modern Silence.