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As we've seen, we're heading into 'Best Of' season so how about some new music to keep hope alive. Will any of these bands be who we're talking about a year from now?

Hey Gravity – 'Slipping Through The Cracks' – WINNER
Transfer – 'Sinking Sailing'
Spider and the Flies – 'Metal Urge' (Mute Irregulars)
The Broadways – 'Just A Dreamy Day' (.)
Let's Wrestle – 'I Won't Lie To You' (Stolen)
Findo Gask – 'Va Va Va' (Oscarr)
The Maple State – 'We Swear By The Lightlife' (High Voltage)
Peggy Sue And The Pirates – 'Television' (.)
Yelps – 'P.E.O.P.L.E' (1965)