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I'm confused how new Pris songs keep springing to life, under the guise of previously recorded media. 2004’s The Kiss Off claimed to be a collected batch of demos that had been laying around Burke Thomas’ studio — remastered for that full-length release. And now the Epidemia EP, a six-song gem of pretty power-pop, shows up, with a note tagging four of the EP's tracks as part of "the full-length Japanese Rerelease of The Kiss Off," from October 2007. These songs weren't on the 2004 US edition of the album, so where was Thomas hiding them? Are they yet more demos from Thomas' clearly prolific collection?

No matter how you spin it, the guitar-and-keys heavy material is catchy, fun, and best played loudly — exactly what I love about Pris. Opening track “Breakneck Speed” is full of vigor, its anthemic nature making it perfect for soaring to the top of mainstream radio charts. Same goes for “Whitewash,” and as I write this, I’m scratching my head wondering how Pris hasn’t yet garnered the widespread attention it seems would be so easy to harness. Someone needs to sign up Thomas to write songs for a teen dramedy. {Update: In looking at the band’s myspace page, I see they had a song on ”CSI New York” this season. Stellar!}

Concluding the disc are the irrevocably rawky guitar solos and thrash-core beats on “Jesus Vs. The Gossip Choir” that transport me to a happy place.

Sadly, I can’t find any info on where to actually procure this album. Burke, if you’re reading, help us out! (And readers, when you find the album, make sure you crank it up.)