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Last (Black) Friday, I spent part of my afternoon at the theater watching the truly awful Transporter 3. It wasn't my choice but going to see movies with my friends is often a democracy and I just didn't have the votes for something like Rachel Getting Married or Milk. So, alas, it was Transporter 3.

While not unwatchable by any means, Transporter 3 was, as far as action movies go, at the opposite end of the spectrum from the better films in the genre. "Good" action movies include roughly half of the James Bond films and the first two Die Hards. It did have fast cars, gorgeous women and lots of kicking ass.

What can we say about the films that are uniquely bad, though? Fortunately, friend of TIG and pop culture expert David Schmader (from The Stranger) is hosting a series of films on Mondays at Central Cinema that celebrates the worst cinema has to offer.

The details:

WHAT: From Bad to Worse: A Six-Week Study of Cinematic Terribleness with David Schmader
WHERE: Central Cinema, 1411 21st Ave, Seattle WA 98122, 206-686-6684
WHEN: Every Monday night from Dec 8-Jan 12 at 7pm
HOW MUCH: $7 individual tickets/$30 full series pass

SCHEDULE OF FILMS (All Screenings at 7pm)
MON DEC 8: Battlefield Earth
MON DEC 15: Leonard Part 6
MON DEC 22: Can't Stop the Music
MON DEC 29: Road House
MON JAN 5: Rhinestone
MON JAN 12: Gigli

Schmader also adds "only masochistic freaks will consider seeing all six of these films, but if there's one or two that look fun to you, definitely consider coming out, for the Central Cinema is so great it's even fun to see crap films there."

Do we have any "masochistic freaks" who would be up for seeing all 6 monstrosities? I'll be in Vancouver when Can't Stop the Music plays so I'll have to catch The Village People on celluloid another time. Or perhaps not.

Still, though, this sounds like tons of fun. When I saw Transporter 3 last weekend, I was in a theater with a bunch of people who thought this movie was going to be awe-some. Everyone here at least knows Leonard Part 6 sucks. Plus, David Schmader knows his bad films and he is hilarious; have you seen him narrate Showgirls?

Put me down for a couple.