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On October 14, the Decemberists will begin releasing the first of their three-part single series entitled, Always the Bridesmaid, available in both digital and 12" options.

Volume I features the tracks "O New England" and "Valerie Plame," the latter of which is slated for performance on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, the day before the US Presedential elections. The song is said to be "an amorous tribute to the onetime CIA operative."

Volumes II & III are schedule for release on November 4 and December 2.

The full tracklisting:

Volume I. Valerie Plame / O New England

Volume II. Days of Elaine / Days of Elaine (long) and I'm Sticking With You

Volume III. Record Year / Raincoat Song

The band is currently in the studio with Tucker Martine (Crane Wife, Always the Bridesmaid), working on their next full-length!

I wonder if Side B on Volume II is a Velvet Underground cover…