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In the midst of all this Bumbershoot hangover chatter, let's not forget that tomorrow (Wednesday) Spoon makes a stop at the Showbox to play their thumping simple melodies at very loud volumes that make iPods for the next days seem inadequate.

It's frustrating that they play such a smaller venue in Seattle than they do out here in New York, but I guess there are a lot more people out here pretending to be hipsters than there out there. Nevertheless, I'd be there in a jiffy, and this blog-posting is a simple plea for some imaginary people to get out there and take some imaginary photos to post so I can see them and imagine I was at the show.

Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, their new record, by the way, is the best thing they've done since Girls Can Tell. Infectious and foot-tapping and full of Brit Daniel's non-sensical lyrics that somehow tread the line between poetry and stupidity in wonderful little spurts of his scratchy tenor. And there are horns all over it. And horns are awesome.

Seriously. Go to the show. If you need convincing, though, here's a clip from them playing "The Underdog" from the new record on Letterman a bit ago.