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Lily Tomlin and Dustin Hoffman… but he denies having anything to do with those embarrassing I Heart Huckabees outtakes in which director David O. Russell goes completely apeshit on Lily Tomlin. And vice-versa.

Read all about it in today's Hollywood Reporter.

In case you haven't seen the awesome footage in question, it can be viewed here.

Ouch. Note how Dustin Hoffman and Jason Schwartzman don't know what the hell to do. Also note how Russell actually calls Lily Tomlin the "c" word.

There are already parody vids available.

And additional footage of Tomlin (with Hoffman and Isabelle Huppert) from later in the shoot.

Said Tomlin last week:

"Now it's all over, and so what, and I don't have to keep up some great pretention I'm the most dignified, eloquent, elegant, perfect, smart-thinking, kind, generous person. I'm just a plain old human with a whole bunch of flaws."

Love her.