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Christiansands by TrickySometimes I think that my iPod understands me better than I know myself. Which, on the whole, would be really creepy, but hey, someday robots will be like that, eh? Anyway, my iBook tried to shuffle off this mortal coil the other night and after 24 hours of open chassis surgery, the bugger was saved. Needless to say, this put me into a rather dark and foul mood, and what fits that mood better than Tricky at his finest. Sadly, Tricky is part of a list of artists that started off great and quickly tanked. Maxinquaye and Pre- Millennium Tension are fabulous albums … and then … well, it went downhill. The patron saint of good-musicians-turned-bad has got to Liz Phair, but Tricky never even came close to the sinister growl of "Christiansands" — a song that has got to be about as dirty as it gets without actually being 'dirty.' It is also great for shaking the walls when you're in a bad bad mood.