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Grab a cold beer at air-conditioned Central Cinema while you enjoy John Waters 1990 juvenile delinquent musical, Cry Baby.


The breakdown: Depp as sexy bad-boy Wade “Cry Baby” Walker, woos good girl square Allison (Amy Locane, who I may have crushed on harder on than Johnny – she is GORgeous) to the absolute horror of her parents. All the usual Waters regulars are here: Mink Stole, Patty Hearst, Rikki Lake, Traci Lords (seriously vamping it up), Iggy Pop – even Willem Dafoe as an angry prison guard.

This is one of my favorite Waters films: high camp, lots of laughs, 50s stereotypes & teen angst (The scene where Cry Baby is explaining to Allison how to make out is one of my faves: “Touch me before I EXPLODE!) + catchy music with tongue-in-cheek lyrics. I can’t think of a better way to get out of the heat.

Cry Baby, you’ve scorched me man.

{Cry Baby is showing at Central Cinema now through August 6th at 7pm (all ages) and 9:30pm (21+)}