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If you live in Seattle, you might hear her work with say the Rotten Apples spun again and again overhead at hang-outs like Linda’s, remember when she played bass for Daylight Basement, or actually saw the raw diamond diva hit the jag-line between J. Jett and P. Houston live with bands Ragazza or 3-D S&M or The Pin-Ups.

Dejha Colantuono sounds as tough and tender as her suave songs, which get an expansive feel from Matt Bayles (Pearl Jam, Murder City Devils, Minus The Bear, Patrol) and no less than twelve musicians helping out on her next-level new solo LP, “Tea & Vodka.”

It definitely has more finesse with its ferocity, but I’m still listening to it to acquire enough ideas for a review. However, if you’re a fan too we should both hit The Sunset tomorrow night for the hometown record release, as Dejha is starting her nine date tour appropriately in Seattle to introduce new songs like “Color Blue,” “Plus Minus Plus,” and “Waltz For Lucy.”

Dejha has been in the running for getting massive attention for a long time, and many should be cheering her on in the crowd that night (I love seeing her true fans screaming out for her whenever she plays). The record draws from deeper influences like Bowie and has players like drummer Matt Chamberlain (Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, Macy Gray), and Bayles recorded it at the Red Room, owned by Stone Gossard, who says of Dejha, “This girl is going for broke and will inspire those who take the time to listen.” Dave “Shins” Hernandez adds that the new album is “fantastic.”

The new album hits the streets today, the actual date for the Seattle record release, and from there Dejha goes to Portland and San Fran and continues on.