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You have got to be frigging KIDDING US.

First there was the gorgeous cover for the AV Club. Then the Kickstarter project to fund this EP. And now, the cumulative effort of your dollars + Eef Barzelay's unstoppable genius has yielded the product that's a contender for EP of the year: Clem Snide's Journey.

We really don't mean to seem cliche here, but this EP is loaded to the hilt with absolute gems. From the gorgeous, sparse "Faithfully" to the sweet uke meandering of "Lights" to the dying strains and cry-outs at the close of "Anyway You Want It" — we are somewhere between spun-out, white-light blissyness and a teary-eyed, this-is-so-going-on-the-next-mixtape sad-bastard melancholy lovefest.

There's joy, relief, heartbreak, and the occasional expletive abounding on the interwebs as we send the link off to all of our friends (which we'll spare you, of course). However, we will say these expletive-free words: Buy This Album. Right Now. Because the fact that all this amazing exists for a mere dollar a track is mindbending, to say the very least.

It's all waiting for you to {stream and} purchase at the Clem Snide / Eef Barzelay bandcamp page here.