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My friends…Girl Talk is back!

This morning, Pittsburgh DJ Girl Talk, whose album Night Ripper was the darling of 2006, has just released his newest album Feed the Animals on the internet. I am rejoicing.

This news made me so sublimely happy and that was even before I listened to the album. Everyone, I will make a prediction that this album is going to be the hit of the summer, it's that amazing. I only had to listen to one track to get this feeling. I mean, who else but Girl Talk would mash up the MacBook Air song with Eminem???

Illegal Art's website has the album for DL. It's pay what you want. 10 bucks gets you a physical copy of the album as well as the DL.

I can barely contain myself. I want to bust a million moves in my cubicle right now and I don't care who sees me.