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Y’all know I can’t shut up about this documentary, so I wanted to give our imaginaries a hot tip: The Glamour and the Squalor is now available for rent or purchase via iTunes!

Throughout my college years, DJ Marco Collins was a constant voice on my boombox, introducing me to new music and cracking me up with his stories. {*ahem* here’s where I admit to doing drive-bys of the KNDD van parked in our Edmonds Community College quad just to get a glimpse of him, because I was crushing on him pretty hard} And now that I like, actually know him, I can tell you he’s an absolutely wonderful, super nice guy.

TG&TS dives deep into Marco’s story, and I’m not just talking about his uncanny ability to recognize the next big band. For just $4.99, you can rent this inspiring documentary. Take a peak at the trailer below: