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Jenny George with Exohxo at Dancing on the Valentine 7

$7, 714.83!!!!

You guys. That is. AMAZING!!! Jenny George (pictured atop an Exohxo pyramid above!) was sobbing with joy when we dropped the money off to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society {check out this sweet comment from Erin @LLS}. They told us straight up that it would help SO many people! This is the most money that DOTV has ever raised, and Jenny is so so so so thankful for all the volunteers and bands and attendees who made it happen! We can't wait to help plan next year's bash and raise even more money. 

As for Ben Haley's amazing photobooth pictures – they are on the way! Please take a moment to gaze upon Ben as "The Chauffer" and his assistant Merilee Jones – who had THE BEST 80s OUTFIT EVER! So totally tubular. There's a few more pics after the jump – and you can watch for yours in the ever expanding DOTV 7 Flickr set. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HELPED MAKE JENNY'S BIRTHDAY SO FANTASTIC! 

Ben & Merilee working some radical 80s attitude.

Beautiful Imaginary Emcee, Dana! 

Lesli Wood & Jupe Jupe

John Roderick and Jenny – SUITABLE FOR FRAMING (hahaha)

Matt Brown & Andrew Chapman