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Dear Rachel,

My boyfriend only washes his hair every couple of weeks, cause he thinks it looks cool that way… but I think it's stinky and greasy. How can I tell him he's not Ryan Adams, and should wash up??

thx from,

i wish ryan adams _were_ my boyfriend!



Ryan Adams has a stylist. Your boyfriend has a head that can prep cookiesheets. Just give him the facts and don’t be afraid to have the hard talks about trendy-ness. He may not hear you, but he’s (g)listening.

Thanks to science, the link between trendsetting and an almost apocalyptic spread of Urban Bacne ("zits on my back!") has been found. Surely fun to pop and marvel during his soon to be solitude, Backne is treated by not being such a dirtbag hipster immediately. Sis, ride greased lightning on airplane pillows or wash him out of your hair.



{When she's not providing solace for the lovelorn, Rachel can be seen and heard playing for her band, Visqueen. But don't let that intimidate you! Send your love woes her way!}