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By Imaginary Boy Lorenzo, Imaginary Political Correspondent
(props to Ted Howard)

So you're a Washington State voter, inclined to sign a document affirming you are a Democrat (at least for Saturday the 7th), but you are still undecided about who to support, huh?

Well, let me wax completely opinionated and explain why you should caucus for Howard Dean this coming Saturday.

  1. It's the Economy, Stupid. Washington has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Last year, the state cut programs to close a huge budget deficit.

    Howard Dean, a medical doctor, was governor of Vermont for 12 years. He managed the state so well that the budget was balanced 11 out of 12 years, state debt was paid down, the income tax was cut twice and the minimum wage was raised twice. Today, Vermont is the only state in this Bush recession that did not have to cut services, raise taxes or both.

  2. It's Your Health, Sneezy. Dean balanced the budget while greatly expanding healthcare coverage in Vermont. If you have a child under the age of 18 and you can't afford healthcare in Washington, your child would most likely be covered in Vermont. Over 99% of children in Vermont have healthcare. 173,000 children in Washington State do not have healthcare.
    • If you are single, under the age of 25 and make less than $33,000 and you can't afford healthcare in Washington, you would be covered in Vermont.
    • IIf you have a family of four and you make under $55,000 and you can't afford healthcare in Washington, you would be covered in Vermont.
    • If you are over 25 and you earn more than $33,000 and still cannot afford healthcare in Washington, you would be eligible to receive the same benefits that our US Senators and Representatives enjoy for 7.5% of your income, if you lived in Vermont.
    • Plus, a third of senior citizens in Vermont receive prescription drug benefits.
  3. It's the War, Dead Guy. When John Kerry and John Edwards were entrusting the President with the authorization to go to war, Howard Dean was standing up for all of us who thought the war was a terrible idea. Howard Dean rightly called the invasion of Iraq "The wrong war at the wrong time", and expressed his deep concern that we were going to break fifty years of diplomatic leadership in the world for a Bush family fetish. Since this war began, 528 US troops have been killed in Iraq, and more than 2,600 have been wounded. And that's just US service people-100 more coalition forces have died, and 400 more have been wounded. And yes – that's JUST counting military forces – not Iraqi civilians.
  4. There are dozens of more reasons, but I'll close with this one: We need Howard Dean in the race, Wimpy. The other guys have stolen his message. Dean makes the other candidates and the party stronger. Howard Dean is an authentic candidate who will stand up, tell the truth and fight for what is right. Howard Dean has given the Democratic party a backbone and a reason to vote again.

Stand up and vote for the best candidate. Only 10% of the delegates for the nomination have been selected so far. Don't vote for a candidate only because he won in New Hampshire or South Carolina.

Washington has a better idea of who should be our next president. Let's do the right thing by raising our voices for Washington and for Howard Dean.