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Just yesterday I got an e-mail imploring me to check out Royal Bangs, a newish band from Knoxville, TN. I was directed to their MySpace page, and I have to admit I was thoroughly impressed with the few songs I heard.

Filling the void in my headphones left by the absense of a new record from the Strokes and a good one from Hot Hot Heat over the past few years, Royal Bangs have an equally infectious sound. Or maybe a catchier version of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. The band describes its sound as:

Rock and roll music that beeps and shakes. We must and will use electrical guitars, drum machines, sampling, electrical bass guitar, electrical pianos, personal computers, shakers, 2 many drums, and everything else.

Most of their shows so far have been and are scheduled in the South, including a high-profile spot at this year's Bonnaroo Festival in mid-June. Their first album, We Breed Champions, will be released next month on Audio Eagle Records. Hopefully they'll find there way to the Northwest soon.

For now you can download their single "Cat Swallow" free here.