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This Saturday night, January 16, 2010, the Series Two, Episode One of live Family Feud style trivia and music blow-out GRUDGE ROCK commences! This time with indie rock romance Gorgeous Georges BOAT taking on the more Rowdy Roddy Piperish tech-soul rockers Head Like A Kite! Girls will scream! Boys will faint! The winner gets the Door Money and there are plenty of Consolation Prizes! And two sets by two great Seattle bands live on stage at the Crocodile. (Be there before 10 PM, because it goes on on time!)

I interviewed MC Jake Stratton in the first part of this three-chunk series covering The Event, and now comes a little chat with D. Crane of the pretty boys with the big batch of fans, the ever-loving BOAT.

What grudges will you be rocking at this event? In other words: WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING TO IT?!

We are relatively grudge free at the moment…and there is a bit of fear that this may hurt us in the event. Ah, wait! I do have a grudge! I am upset at my neighbors for their lack of attention to their dog, who gets left all day in the backyard. Even in the rain and cold! I will channel this anger/disappointment into our battle with HLAK.

Why do you think you can beat the guys in Head Like A Kite specifically?

They have two guys….we have five. We should have more combined brain power. We also have band practice space rent due soon, so brain power coupled with desperation for money. I am a little fearful because I bet they have more testosterone. They have already bragged that they will bring nudity to the event. So, I think “shirts off” BOAT is totally possible. We will not be reduced to a “pants off” situation of any kind.

Since HLAK is a more trippy, “experimental band,” we may have more brain cells than them. But actually, I have read some Trent Moorman stuff, and he seems like he knows how to turn a phrase. We may have to somehow “spike” his beer with tranquilizers.

What kind of training have you been doing for this?

Mostly strength training, some light video games. I personally have a Rock and Roll Encyclopedia in my bathroom at home.

What do you think of GRUDGE ROCK? Will it make you proud to stomp ass there?

I am a big fan of anything that tries to recreate game shows. It is a dream to be on Family Feud with BOAT, so this is pretty close to the dream. Pretty close. The new Crocodile is as nice as a sound studio in LA.

I am not a big user of “ass stomping” as a verb. But if we win I will try to use it more frequently.

Have you ever been to one before?

An ass stomping? I am a longtime fan.

What’s up with BOAT otherwise? New album any time soon? Current downloads/videos/doodads?

We are working on a new EP. The songs are super loud love songs. I guarantee they will be more fuzzy and distorted than ever before! We are also putting the finishing touches on a stop motion video for “100 Calorie Man” off of our last LP. I am trying to arrange an ass stomp (tour for the Spring/early summer) as well. We will attempt to play some popfests.