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photo courtesy of Dan Muller/Trickshot Photography

The Moondoggies have captured our beard-loving northwestern hearts. They play American music.. music that is warm, stilted with lush harmonies and hinting at a prevalent and haunting sense of wanderlust. And much like most bands these days, their sound can’t be classified singley. It’s country. It’s gospel. It’s a rollicking bar-jam that is at once revelatory and mournful.

No Depression is presenting the Moondoggies, along with Sera Cahoone, Widower (Friday show) and Grant Olsen‘s new project Magic Mtn (Saturday show) for a two show whammy this weekend at the Tractor Tavern. Tickets are a scant $15, mere pocket change to experience thise lineup of artists. Deets below!

Friday, January 15th
The Moondoggies / Sera Cahoone / Widower
Tractor Tavern $15 – 21+

Saturday, January 16th
The Moondoggies / Sera Cahoone / Magic Mtn
Tractor Tavern $15 – 21+

Photo courtesy of Dan Muller / Trickshot Photography via TIG Flickr Pool