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This hardly needs pretense, so let’s keep it brief:

There’s some shiny new Long Winters material underfoot. Finally. (It’s almost as good as finding out that the Wrens are going to press on their latest release, which apparently is still in the works. But I digress.)

If you remember their performance from Bumbershoot this past year, you might recall the full-band rendition of “Not Moving to Portland” (which John Roderick introduced, raged, and then subsequently followed with blogging commentary and a shout-out). Since hearing it, many of us here in the imaginary camp have been waiting for something we could sing along to — and tLW, Creature, and the fine folks over at GIVE have made it well worth our bided time.

Without further adieu, here’s a bare-bones version of “Not Moving to Portland,” featuring Kathleen Edwards.


And speaking of the folks over at GIVE Seattle 2009 and the magical videos they’ve had a hand in, here’s some other fine video releases from Fences and Head Like a Kite, respectively. Enjoy!

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