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All I can say is "wow!" I was reading my usual assortment of blogs and came across a download for Have A Nice Life's Deathconsciousness, their double-disc debut. I've never heard of the band, but I was drawn in because the cover art was an altered version of the painting The Death of Marat. My band, The Motion Sick, plays a song called "Jean-Paul" inspired by this painting, so I figured maybe I would enjoy Have A Nice Life.

I started listening with low expectations and was totally blown away. I haven't even made it through both discs yet, but this stuff is really killer. They are probably the first band citing My Bloody Valentine and Joy Division as direct influences that has ever excited me. The songs are mopey and a bit lo-fi, but they are quite moving and dynamic.

Just to add to the mystery and excitement, the album comes with a book. From their myspace page:

"Over 80 pages in length, written by a University of Massachusetts History professor, this book explores the deep religious symbology we used for inspiration while writing the record. The songs contain elaborate references to 12th century apostasies; the book will help those without a background in religious history to understand their meanings."

I'm on my way to order it right now…