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Trespassers William* is a lucid four piece band from L.A. comprised of Matt Brown on guitar/keys, Jamie Williams on drums, Anna-Lynne Williams on guitar/vocals and Ross Simonini on bass/keys. The band was loosely formed in 1997 by Matt and Anna-Lynne and has expanded to the present day Trespassers William.

This dreampop quartet filled the Mars Bar with smooth, sultry and enchanting aural libations, which less resembled a set filled with individual songs and more resembled a 40-minute soothing lullaby. The beginning of each song acted like a gentle hand that led you to the music as opposed to bringing the music to you.

I heard direct inspirations from Mazzy Star, Mojave 5 and Slowdive, but with a titch of country. Anna-Lynne's on-the-verge-of-a-breakdown-but-still-kicking-ass vocals are reminiscent of Seattle's very own An American Starlet.

In talking with Matt, he wasn't sure of when TW would be back to Seattle. He admitted the band had discussed moving to Seattle.

{imaginary aside: Listen to the mp3's and email TM and tell them why they should move to Seattle}

As I was listening to TW, I knew they were going to be the newest addition to my insomnia collection. That evening, while still souped up from the Clever Girl set, I put Trespassers William to the test and popped them into my bedside CD player. Within 10 minutes I was fuzzy and dreaming about warm Seattle rain.

*wondering where the band name came from? Why, from Pooh Bear, of course.