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Yo yo, listen up: Biography of Ferns are a three piece pop-punk band {or as they call themselves, a "three-piece indie post-punk band"} formed in these here Seattle parts back in 1998. What do they sound like? Think of a Malinks/A-Frames hybrid, with a nod to influences like Pavement and Primus — plus a dash of cumin and a bag of Pirate Booty… and on at least one song, a heavy splash of shoegazer-y goodness.

The trio featured Justin Hamacher on vocals that ranged from deep-fried-deep to a tenerous pierce all the way up to near falsetto. Larry Biely played an evocatively predominant bass, and Brett Andrew Rudy pounded some fierce drums, and had groovy stellastarr*-esque mirrored shades on throughout the set.

Does anyone else think Justin looks like a young indie-rocker Kenny Loggins in a hoodie? (and I mean that in the nicest, cutest pre-Footloose sorta way…)

I heard a bit of elementary Pavement. They had the overtly minimalistic instrumentation, Stephen Malkmus-groggy in the vocals, and a less-than-calculated disjuncture to their songs.

Biography of Ferns. Photo by Ryan Schierling.But as local music fans and readers of our site know, Seattle is no stranger to good local music. Here's what's unique about BoF {Do you friends refer to you as BoF? May we call you BoF…?}…

They have goals! They have a mission statement!

Goals/Mission {as submitted by our new friends BoF}:

  • To get a good hearted, progressive label's support and tour the Americas and Europe.
  • To one day write an album that afterwards we feel we couldn't have improved upon.
  • To save some youth from the monstrous grey siphon tongue of the suburbs.
  • To promote liberal, surrealist and collective thought.
  • For everyone involved to have a good time while we do these things.

And you know what else? They seem like really cool, kind guys to know. A favorite live moment was when Justin told us that he used to teach 7th grade art. Specifically, he preceded a song with, "When I used to teach 7th grade art, this was my students' favorite song. That is, it was their favorite Biography of Ferns song — not their favorite song ever." So humble and endearing.

Other interesting tidbits: Bof were listed as one of the five up-and-coming bands of 2002 by John Richards, and their song "John the Barber" will be featured on the 2004 Kill Rock Stars compilation {we're assuming they're not the same John, right guys…?}