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We'd just like to take a moment to deliver virtual homemade cookies and soymilk to our new neighbors, the ever nummy Sonic Boom Records. We are soooo excited to have such a cool record store within stumbling distance. I fear for my future loss of disposable cash.

 We crashed their opening party on Saturday, along local pop-masters the Model Rockets and everyone's favorite all-star pop collective, the Minus Five. Both bands dazzled me with their power-prop-prowess, and I'm fairly certain Peter Buck waved at me at least twice.

I spent way too much money, acquired five new CDs (the Lawnmowers, the Divorce, the Long Winters, Longwave, and Joy Division, thankyoueverymuch!). I see the beginnings of yet another very dangerous habit forming here…

Oh Goddamnit, but I do love me these expensive bad habits… so THANK YOU to Sonic Boom, for contributing to our imaginary delinquency…

And welcome to the 'hood!

Go spend money on music:
Sonic Boom Records Capitol Hill
514 15th Ave E.
Seattle, WA 98106

Or come to one of their upcoming instores:

  • March 4 at 3pm — BLUES GOBLINS (Sam Coomes from Quasi)
  • March 4 at 7 pm — Mira from LADYTRON live dj-set.
  • March 13 at 6 pm — THE SPECIAL GOODNESS
  • March 20 (time tba) — SUPERGRASS
  • March 21 at 6pm — DAMIEN JURADO
  • March 22 (time tba) — STEPHEN MALKMUS