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What a great gift has been bestowed upon us with the presence of the lovely Sonic Boom Records in our Capitol Hill neighborhood. As if great music and charming sales staff weren't enough, it's because of them that we get such amazing international acts as Idlewild playing within 50 meters of our front doors. Hearing Roddy's crystaline voice resonating, and experiencing those swirling magical guitar sounds at close range… it's these dreamy musical moments that can only be captured in an intimate environment. And for this I will always be grateful.

Um, igDana… that's all true and everything…. but you didn't make it to the Idlewild in-store.



Idlewild by Ryan Schierling.Of course I did! I wouldn't miss the opportunity to see my favorite Scottish hotties, Idlewild!

Remember how you brought back The Remote Part after you saw them at T in the Park last summer because you couldn't bear to wait until March for the American release? Remember all those nights spent writing TIG whilst listening to "The Modern Way of Letting Go?"

I mean, the show at Graceland later that night was a full-on-sonic-mind-blowing experience. But the in-store — wow. It was at the in-store where I fully could appreciate their grace. Remember when they played "When I Argue I See Shapes," your favorite track from their first full-length album, Hope is Important and you nearly wept, you were so happy?

Hello!? You weren't there!! You had to work late that evening, so you couldn't make it back to the Hill in time for the show. Remember? Hello? Am I ringing any bells here?


Idlewild. Photo by Ryan Schierling.Noooo! I was so there!! How else would I remember how sweetly Roddy thanked us all for standing in a record store and listening, and when he said, "We'll be playing at Graceland tonight, it would be nice if you all could come," hmm?

Remember how we giggled about cute the holes in the elbows of his sweater were, and how his boxer shorts were peaking out the top of his pants? And when they ended their set with an acoustic version of "Rosability" — how beautiful was that?

How would I know all this if I wasn't there? I was there! I tell you, I was there!!!! There's no way I would have missed that Idlewild in-store!!!

Hey igD?






How about you give me back my show notes…?



{slides show notes across table, whimpers defeat…}