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A huge Imaginary Girl THANK YOU goes out to the very real Quentin, manager of the Chop Suey, who heard my tormented pleas for tickets to Thursday's "surprise" show, and responded with a "will buy" for me plus imaginary pal Marlene. After a divaliously delicious half cheese pizza pie at Piecora's (note to self: must remember to eat there more often! Melted cheesy goodness!!), we headed into the throng. In case you somehow missed the "surprise" (if it can still be consider a surprise show, what with the announcement on KEXP and the Stranger – doh! – our imaginary girl hotline let us know about it the night before)… the surprise was Isaac Brock went ahead and switched out his bands, opting to play as the legendary Modest Mouse instead of the anticipated Ugly Casanova show.

As the shortest imaginary girl, may I add one gripe: can anyone see *anything* at a crowded show at Chop Suey? Wait: that isn't entirely accurate. We did see many, many people we knew, and several more lovely boys who would we *like* to know (Dave, this means you). I just couldn't see anything ON THE STAGE. Which is unfortunate. The band sounded great, and it was so incredible to see the crowd around us going ape-shit for the band. Seeing Modest Mouse at a venue this small is I'm sure an experience we will one day share with our imaginary grandchildren.

But on this night — we were both excited and not really able to see much — and by the end of the night all we could both think was: sleeeeeep. I know, lame.

While we both admire and enjoy Modest Mouse tons, we should have acknowledged our exhaustion, surrendered our tickets to perkier Modest Mouse fans, and gone home to nap for 10 hours or more. Our apologies. We took room away from two more deserving fans, and now have written what just might be the most uninformative review ever. The Imaginary Girls wish to apologize for our transgression. And then we wish to sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzz.