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"Yesterday I got so old it made me want to cry"
"Come to wish me an unhappy birthday"
"Like a birthday, or a pretty view"

Etc etc… The theme of growing another year older is a popular one for new wave pop, apparently. Such was the case last Friday night, when I had the auspicious pleasure of celebrating my birthday with many, many of my lovely imaginary friends.

Fans of Three Imaginary Girls may recall how much I loved the Flock of DJ sponsored new-wave-licious Smiths night a few weeks back. So I came to the I-Spy with high hopes for more nostalgic entertainment. I was not disappointed.

A few slight caveats: the event touted itself as Duran Duran vs the Cure. But we heard no competitive nature in the music; in fact, the same band played music from both bands, with a heavy favoring on Cure tunes. I think. The thing is, it was MY BIRTHDAY PARTY. By the time the band played, I had gotten myself outside so many Absolut Mandrin sodas I had a hard time remember whether girls were crying or boys were on film.

I don't think this cover band was as strong as the Smiths cover band from a few months ago. But who cares? The place was far more crowded, the crowd was far more rowdy, and the rowdiness… well, I have decided to borrow from another classic eighties old waves to relay some of the blurred details of my retro birthday night….

{furthers and ados withheld for page length considerations}

44 lines about 22 imaginary birthday friends

Denise our favorite sexy guest
made paper dolls, photos of breasts.
LeDawn, so cool, bought my drink two
hid the booze, loved my shoes.
Libby sad, polyester pants
found it really hot to dance.
BM so kind, drink number three
another mandarin soda for me!
Maureen — a treat! — our bat girl, dance
swirls in nine-inch grace and stance
Carey, haikus, so bubbly.
soon she'll be imaginary.
Andy, Ingrid, bumble bees, sing
new in love, karaoke king.
Randy, art-boy, what to do?
She told me she likes you too!
Alejandro, sure missed you a lot
but what the hell is 'fuck of twat?'
Steve and James, Jameson pour
toast blow jobs, drink number four.
Steven, velvet, lined in black
Strange as angels, push you back.
JJ, old friend of new wave
Is there a prayer you couldn't save?
Drewbam, all that's old is new
goddamn but how cute were you two?
Strange girl in corner, straddle the line
passed out cold. Juices like wine?
Neil — drink five, a lovely brit
Gone so fast. I pout. That's it…?
DJ picked me up off floor
("and when I fell on the floor, I drank more.")
Darek, flocking, retro fan
next time we will be your band.
Three Imaginary Boys — Hot Hot Hot
but Robert Smith? Definitely not.
Samuel, skinny boy with tie
baristas are so hot, she sighs.
Liz, you got me home, and girl, it's true
why can't we all be you?
Marlene sometimes — dance, kiss, grrr
miss, you hiss; love cats, purrr.
Greg and Tracy, when will you write?
it's with you we chose to end a night ("…like this")

Hugs and kisses to all of you, my wonderful friends, for coming to my party!!!