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The Catch: an adjective used by mothers everywhere. "OHH, you should date Herbert, he's such a CATCH!" Which basically means Herbert makes oodles of money and would never allow his mother in law to be sent to a home when she becomes incapable of figuring out which colored pill gets swallowed at what time of day. I assume the saying is a progeny of "Honey, there's more fish in the sea." As if dating was a sporting event where you go home with a string of freshy gutted meat or you end your day empty handed and hungry. I'm not certain if this was an intentional interpretation of the band's name, but seems logical because their combination of style, sexiness, talent and attitude make them all quite the catch.

It's also one of those catch phrases {pun, intended} I want to get back into current day circulation. "Dreamy" "swoony" and "swell" are also on my list. Kudos to the Catch for unwittingly helping me restore kitschy sayings from yesteryear. And double thanks for entertaining me to the point of fanaticism.

Carly Nicklaus {guitar, lead vocals, sass factory} was feisty. She commanded the audience to listen to her with her sheer stage presence and height. She's tall. Very tall. I'm not sure if she is that tall in reality, or if I was just dwarfed by her stellar guitar playing and fitful singing.

With her legs shoulder length apart, hands at stomach-punching level and cigarette dangling dangerously from her lower lip, Amy Rockwell {keys, vocals, routine badass} played her keyboard as if she was attacking it. It was such foxy rock and roll I kept forgetting I was watching a local band {these women live in MY city?}.

The tempo changes in each song showcased Alissa Newton's {drums, vocals, instigator of fun} ability to not only hit things hard and with conviction, but to change it up and still keep the seemingly rebellious band mates in-line and on-time.

Jenny Jimenez {bass, vocals, dancing diva} represented the low end groove with skill and style. Her brazen two-tone locks looked saucy in the stage light. At the end of each set, Jenny should throw her hair stylist's business cards into the audience like confetti. I'm certain people would dive for them as if they were diamonds.

I'm a sap for harmonies. To see every person on stage with a mic in front of them builds my anticipation to the point of adolescent giddiness. "Who's going to sing next? Oh my goodness, maybe they ALL will!" Not only did they share the vocal duties, they also passed around a cigarette. It gave me such a warm feeling of community.

Their sound is best described as bratty 80's pop with a present day punk twist, a rockin' edge and a stage entertainment value that can't be beat. They are slightly new wave, but not to the point of where I was breaking out my L.A. Gears and Dep hair gel.

At the end of one of their songs, Carly busted out the distorted guitar double strum and let the pure rock reverberation naturally fade away. So rad!

"Na, na, na's" were thrown in for the bratty spunk that made me want to quit my day job and be their roadie. Too bad the waiting list is probably six pages long… and filled to the margins with swoony boys names and phone numbers…and pager numbers…and email addresses… *sigh*

If you want to see The Catch in a more retro 80's environment, check out Jenny when she gets her buttrock on at our karaoke party Rumor has it she's going to tell the world {or at least those in attendance at Chop Suey that evening} about how Naughty Girls Need Love Too. Sassy! {or should I say Foxy!?}