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Asahi were a gentle, lovely musical presence, with front-man Tomo Nakayama and co-vocalist Kelly McDougall providing the perfect harmonies. She's so still, and he's so animated. Everyone in this band looks great — as in, eye candy for all. Sweet!

And the sound. Ooh la la! Their voices are both gorgeous, and the music is intelligent, mellifluous goodness. I'm not sure how long this band has been playing together, but they sure sound integrated, like they're really comfortable writing and playing music together. What a joy to watch them perform!

The music has a Brit-pop quality, with that cute and squiggly bass-line that makes me want to dance in swirly circles… though at times, it grows more sultry, with a bit of an alt-country twang, especially in the female vocals.

{Aside: some guy was passed out in the upstairs corner, just like that woman did at my birthday party last month. Apparently this is the pass out corner. Only this time, the guy in question wasn't wearing any shoes. Barefoot. At the I-Spy. How unhygenic and gross is that?? Ew!} But I digress. Back to Asahi…

The one strange thing about Asahi was how guitar player Drew Victor (also of Drew Victor and Passing Friends) insisted on playing with his back to the audience. I asked him why, and he said it's because he and the drummer are so in sync, they need visual cues. Plus, his amp is soft… and he wants to make sure he hears every note.

Makes sense to me…