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Hypatia Lake never fail to devastate, like a sonorous celebratory assault. Yet while they annihilate the senses as they rock, they likewise offer nuances, softened accoutrements, and whispered, spacious delicacies…

I missed their Capitol Hill Block Party performance (but of course I read about it on the site) and was looking forward to hearing the band that left igDana in a "stunned, happy silence." An obvious sign of a remarkable talent.

Hypatia Lake offer a lush landscape of rich sounds played in varying tempos, alternating between stripped down simple, and deeply complex. No typical verse, chorus, verse set-up here: there are little strange but lovely noises coming at you unexpectedly from out of nowhere; they sound perfectly placed, not haphazard, not just for the sake of being different, but as a defining characteristic of the sound. The landscape of these songs is so expansive that it leaves room for them to go off on musical tangents — ferocious and lush rock-out moments, cradled in between softer melodies and haunting vocals.

If I had to make them into a mathematical equation, I would posit:
ShinsThe Kinks + Pink Floyd = Hypatia Lake

In short, this must be what guys hear when they listen to Kinski.

I would also throw a little Grandaddy into that equation. And a dab of Black Heart Procession.


I was completely lost in the music. The best part was that they were, too. Rarely do you see a band in which each member is lost in their own selfless moment while still remaining cohesive and directional.

Hypatia Lake astonish. How is it possible that we have the good fortune to see them when they are still an opening band, still unsigned, still {relatively} unknown? Oh wait wait wait! Here is comes…….

"One, two, three, four…" CRASH!!!!!

{I LOVE that part}

You know when you find something incredibly beautiful and moving that you want to be completely immersed in it? I love them so much that I want to break into their apartments and steal all their stuff.

Yeah! Then we could sell it on Ebay after they become the soaring superstars they are fated/deserve to be!


Maybe I should just look on Ebay to see if someone is auctioning off their cookware. Thought really, I just want a CD. Really, that is all I want in this world. One Hypatia Lake CD.

According to the band, they were completing work on their first studio release the weekend after the show. They are still shopping around for a label… {read as: label people, react swiftly and treat these boys well!!}