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I just got back into town from a 2 week adventure (sent on by my dayjob folk). My time away from imaginary land was spent in the middle of a remote area (one of the countries I stopped in is doubly landlocked) where most things were in Cyrillic script (which I shamefully can't convert to Latin) and there was no internet or cell phone coverage. Obviously, I must beg you for some serious catch up on what I've missed.

What are the hottest topics I should be discussing? Once I request my free Dr. Pepper, what new stories should I check out first?

In return for you kind tips, I can offer some insight on the new Los Campesinos! record, We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed which I listened to  repeatedly while away. I recommend folks play it at least three times before posting judgement. By the third listen I realized I was hooked on "Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown #1" in a  big bad hard way (a fact which is verified by iTunes which states I listened to it 5 times more than any other song on the album while away). And of course, the title track and "Miserabilia" are pretty incredible too.  

You know what this means? I will again begin relying on the Los Camp's snappy song titles as email subject headings and blog titles (in addition to the usual lyric quoting mid conversation and general pro-Los Camps exclamations).

Ok, now what do I need to know to assimilate back into imaginary reality (besides watching the below video over and over)?