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It is currently (well, as I write this), 2:06 AM, Pacific Time, and I am in a lab running samples. A show on the Tunguska Blast of 1908 is on mute on the TV and the sound of clicking and whirring machinery fills the room except for the sound of my lonely iPod.

In this eerily well-lit lab, we (being me and the large machine sharing the room with me currently) are listening to "Hello Tomorrow," the oddly minimal collaboration between Squeak E. Clean and Karen O – it might be one of the best almost ambient songs in a while, sort of Moby meets Aphex Twin without all the awkward small-talk about vegans and living in tanks.

Sure, it was featured in an Adidas ad, but that is how music works these days: if radio won't play you (read: 99% of music made today), then get an ad exec's attention and voila! you can have a hit too. Not that "Hello Tomorrow" was a hit, it was more of a pleasant sojourn for a handful of player who stumbled across it, but you get the point. Nobody wants to be cool more than an ad executive, so start sending your demos folks. Maybe I can record the sounds of ions being counted late at night and make it a hit for Volkwagen. That is what we call 21st century success.