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Hey Radiohead superfans! Imaginary writer Erik Gonzalez just posted this as a comment in another blog post, but it's cool enough that I wanted to bring it to your attention.

Considering the rouge nation status of this Radiohead release, I'm going to try something new too. I'm trying to get a review up for In Rainbows (which I love so far) by tomorrow, so if any other TIGers has thoughts/comments/feelings about the new Radiohead album, email them to me! I'm going to try to fuse it all together considering no one really had advanced copies and we can all make up our minds on our own without those irritating critics biasing us (oh wait, um, er).

Anyway, those of you who have In Rainbows, send me any of your comments (erik at by 6PM PST today.

Make your opinions count and go email Erik. It will make his day!