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Hey guys, you know I love our local movie houses, and since I learned Northwest Film Forum is in trouble, I’ve been bugging all my friends to donate. They’re asking everyone for only $10 – which is right around what you probably paid to go see a movie this weekend.
Northwest Film Forum, Interior
Here’s part of the email sent from Executive Director Lyall Bush (also available on their site):

I am writing to you to ask for your help. I am asking you for $10, the price of an average movie ticket. The Film Forum has had done many great things this year, but much like other organizations our income is off by 30%. And while we remain scrappy and imaginative in tough spots, this time is different.

We are looking at real changes at the Film Forum unless you say yes and support us. We need to reach a goal of $70,000 by August 15. Please walk it in, mail it in, or click here to make your donation.

nwfilmforum sent out a Twitter update this AM:
We’ve raised $14,000 so far! Thank you to everyone who has posted and reposted our letter. Just $56,000 to go…

I just got done donating. How about you?