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Let's face it, amongst the many pleasant things in this world, one thing NOT on that list would be getting a voicemail from your boss on a Sunday afternoon informing you that you no longer have a job. It sucks times ten during the holidays.

Alas, such was the fate for the employees of our beloved staff at the Crocodile who spent many a night serving us drinks or engineering crystal clear sound or booking the shows that made us get off our asses from the comforts of our couches and go see some live rock and/or roll. And unfortunately, their bills won't pay themselves.

So Chop Suey, likely the idea of former Croc (and new Chop Suey) booker Pete Greenberg, is hosting a benefit on Sunday, December 30 for his old coworkers and Three Imaginary Girls is proud to sponsor the event.

The assembled line-up is a very impressive list of rock star royalty to play the benefit, including members of the Fleet Foxes, the Pale Pacific, and singer-songwriter J. Tillman (as you'll surely recall, FF's Robin Pecknold and Tillman played the final Croc show last Saturday). And word has it there's more folks comfirming to be on the bill as we type this…

The full details are (from Chop Suey's weekly e-mail):

12.30 Sunday Chop Suey Presents

with members of Fleet Foxes, Peter Parker, Siberian, Pale Pacific, J.Tillman, Damien Jurado, Pleasureboaters, and many more!
Come down, hear some songs, share a story, get a chance to say goodbye…
7pm doors
21 & over

* TBA = priceless