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Miwa Gemini, by Megan SeniorIt takes a very special talent to never feel constrained by time limits — as if you’re truly only making music for yourself — but it can indeed happen. Miwa Gemini, a NYC indie-folk songstress widely characterized as a mashup of Tom Waits and Björk, runs the gamut on her latest effort, This Is How I Found You (released March 18), from the two-minute dirty blues to the six-plus-minute reflective piano ballad to the sub-one-minute, Cat Stevens-esque acoustic outro. The mysterious quirkiness of it all, however, rings more of Jesca Hoop or perhaps even Fiona Apple. Thankfully, this dark element is a holdover from her previous release. What’s new (and you wonder how you could have lived without it previously) is the banjo and the mandolin, which don’t so much change the tone as make one simply think more about it. And, to complete the image, she has some pretty bizarre stories posted on her website. You fortunate many on the West Coast can witness the spectacle in person — starting April 5 at the ABC House in Olympia, WA and working down to the Hotel Cafe by April 13. April 8 will see her at Skylark in Seattle.