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Dear Rachel,

I recently traveled thru Europe, and whilst there met the cutest guy. We only went out a couple of times before we parted ways, but I still think about him because, well, he's a total fox! We've kept in touch over email, and now he wants me to come visit.

What should I do? Is it worth it to pursue a transcontinental love affair? Or am I setting myself up for inevitable heartbreak? Did I mention how sexy he is? And if I do decide to go, should I talk with him beforehand about expectations and such, or should I just show up and have fun?

yours truly,
hot for foreigner (not the band)


Ah Europe.

The sights, the smells, the fromage.

Ecoute, HFF (ntb),

My sister went out with an American guy who moved to France. He was playing his little red concertina under a bridge near the river Seine. Someone rode by and hocked a fat French spitpile at him from above. Basically, Europe's mean. AND far.

That e-mail, she's a bitch. Making lives easier, yet, making lives more annoying. Something tells me you were only supposed to meet, have a smacky little Euroffair, then bust back to the U.S. of A. COMPUTERS have made this mess. Sick a dog on your e-mailman and find your fox stateside. This situation gets a success rating of minus zero.


If you've got the coin to hop on a plane, visit Foreigner, rock him like a bitch-slice and have your heart muscle secured…. um, do that.




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