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For those of us who still read books, and fiction ones at that, but would still love to see more evolution of the form, this Saturday night at the Richard Hugo House young author Zach Plague will be reading from his sparkling, sexy, bizarre new book boring boring boring boring boring boring boring. It is my big Saturday night, so that should tell you something.

It's a free event, and starts at 7 PM, and Paul Constant may have already tipped you to it at Line-Out over at the Stranger. I want to second Paul's sentiment that not only is Plague's writing wonderfully twisted and funny, but he is also a Chicago designer-publisher whose aesthetic is so similar to the best musicians/filmmakers we chat up on TIG–it's a no brainer that I should see you all there.

When I received the book from his company (Featherproof), it came with a very enjoyable accompanying CD, very boss looking art stickers, and explanations about how boring et al is being released simultaneously as an E-book, its audio version, etc. If you're going to write and communicate your world to people now in literature, it wouldn't hurt to have this kind of creative ambition.

I hope to see some TIG people at the extraordinary Hugo House tomorrow night, where the Zine Library is located in the basement, the coffee is always strong, and occasionally they host readings as fun and experimental as the best rock and roll.