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Mittens are from Boston. You've maybe heard of them. They're good, really. If you wake up at night missing the magic of the Push Kings, then Mittens are for you. Who could really dislike Mittens anyway, they're warm, they're plush, you can sew them to your jacket so you don't lose them. Well, I suppose you can't do the last to the band, but the former two descriptors are accurate. "How Do You Love Me" is a sweet little ballad for those sweet little days with your sweet little sweetheart and it just makes you feel warm all over, like real mittens, if real mittens were, you know, as large as your whole body, which then I suppose they wouldn't truly be mittens anymore as such. So, in that sense, Mittens are better than mittens because they allow for total body warmth, albeit in a more emotional sense from the band. I wouldn't go around recommending that polar explorers or mountain hikers stop packing good warm clothing in favor of a copy of the first Mittens album – I mean, that would just be ridiculous not to mention probably asking for a nasty law suit. And Mittens are clearly not about nasty law suits, they are much more about wonderful pop songs to let the cool early summer evening air waft about you. I guess these Mittens are much more summer mittens, which I suppose is an oxymoron, but if oxymorons are this pleasant, then please, let me have another. Hooray for Mittens!