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It's Wednesday, and though the weather is nice today (thanks, nature!) it snowed yesterday. It's February. We should be beyond this already, shouldn't we? And it's 3 days to Valentine's Day, a common source of stress for many. How do you kill the blahs and the stress, you might ask? By seeing some kick ass local power pop!

Tonight there is a perfect trifecta of delicious head bobbing dance your ass off power pop at Chop Suey! Starting the night off is Thee Sgt Major III, featuring scene king Kurt Bloch on guitar (who, coincidentally, I once slam danced with at the "fake" Jam show last year). Next up, are The Cute Lepers, who I have been enjoying on KEXP since their record came out on Joan Jett's (!) label last year. Featuring Steve E. Nix of the Briefs, they perfectly craft sassy power pop/punk in the vein of the Ramones and Generation X for perfect pogo pop. Rounding out the night are The Tripwires, yet another band from the ashes of the late, great, Model Rockets (and also featuring Jonny Sangster and Mark Pickerel), creating perfect twangy power pop for the enjoyment of all. Basically, tonight is a Seattle power pop fan's wet dream.

Doors at 8pm. See you tonight!