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Here's my first installment of running commentary for the Capitol Hill Block Party, as I live only two blocks away from the bash. I must say, coming home to drink a beer is MUCH cheaper than paying for one at the beer garden.

One of my favorite things about festivals, besides the music of course, is canoodling with tablers and vendors. If you're thirsty and don't want to pay for water, Snowboard Connection is giving bottles away for free, and they told me all about some great sales on gear. There's many a-Pro-choice activists at the Party, if you're a supporter of such opinions. I deeply questioned an upstart artist collective booth, who said they wanted to revive the Dadaist movement, so we'll see if they start stirring up the modern way of thinking as the original movement did. Middle of the street art installations? Hmm…

Of course the volunteers at the KEXP booth were extremely friendly, as always, and I picked up a free poster, stickers, and buttons to support the station. Sign-ups for an AIDS awareness walk were available at another booth, with their volunteers also very friendly.

Musically, I was going to check out Talbot Tagora, but their sound check was taking much too long, and it's extremely hot to stand around. Natalie Portman's Shaved Head… well, I'll just say that personally I'm a fan of the Fitness. The Saturday Knights were pumping up the early crowd though, which makes me interested to see the rest of the hip-hop acts [especially since I'm supposed to be reviewing them!]

Well, so far so good! I love festivals. I haven't ran into my lovely editors yet, I guess they're really imaginary today. [haha] Perhaps I'll post another update of the events soon, besides my forthcoming reviews!

Back to the Party!