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So this week, when I sat down to peruse the new Billboard Top 200, I was expecting to jot down a few notes, make some wise arse remarks, and call it a day. Oh no, Erik, you don't get off that easy. I have officially decided that the pop charts have jumped the shark and here's why:

I discovered that both POISON and TESLA have albums in the top 100 this week. And to take it one step further, Poison's is not only shockingly called Poison'd but is a covers album with songs like "Suffragette City," "Just What I Needed," and "We're An American Band." Indeed! What is going on here? Was I transported backwards through time? Or maybe this is just summer "rock band on comeback tour" revival season. (It could also explain the excellent placing of the Vans Warped Tour 2007 compilation at #31.)

Anyway, some other fun notes: ghostly Sir Paul checks in at #3, followed closely by Sir Marilyn Manson's new one Eat Me, Drink Me (tasty!) at #8. I know we all love the Police, so you can run out and join the thousands of people who put their newest greatest hits comp, merely called The Police at #11.

Seattle's own Chris Cornell (remember him?) is carrying on with Carry On, coming it at #17. Bravo, former Soundgardener! Speaking of Seattle, Starbucks own record label was able to put their Monterey International Pop Festival album in at #58. And in what might be the last we'll see of Modest Mouse in the top 100, their new album has slipped down to #98… sorry boys, I guess the ship is sinking…