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I made a ‘Best of ’07’ compilation for coworkers and thought I’d share my picks with you, in no particular order. Hope you’ve got a little time to spare!

All downloads have been posted with permission from the bands themselves. Thanks bands!


1. Nicole Atkins and the Sea: “The Way It Is”

I think this is my favorite song of the year. Here’s the clip from Letterman.



2. Peter Bjorn and John: “Young Folks”

I’m such a sucker for whistling. And isn’t this the most visually satisfying video ever.


3. The Fratellis: “Whistle for the Choir”

I told you. Whistling = Love.


4. Eagle*Seagull: “I’m Sorry But I’m Beginning to Hate Your Face

This is one of my CMJ discoveries and I’m in love with the groove!

Eagle*Seagull by Denny Schmickle

5. A Paper Cup Band: “(Note to Self)

This CD got ripped to my iTunes and then met its fate in the large pile of CDs on my desk, but the songs on the iTunes caught my ear, especially this one, with a vibe a little Violent Femmes-like, sans Gano.

A Paper Cup Band, probably



6. The Vinyl Skyway: “Where?

I’m all sappy in love with these guys and their lovely harmony-driven sound. Guitarist Andy Santospago just released his own solo debut so check that out too.


The Vinyl Skyway


7. Amy Winehouse: “Some Unholy War”

Trainwreck what? Not a video for the song, just a funny YouTube clip I found called “Amy Winehouse taking a line.” Because really, who doesn’t love a trainwreck.


8. Les Breastfeeders: “Viens Avec Moi”

Total sucker for songs in French.


9. Elk City: “Totally Free

I really really really really love this whole album. P.S. Elk City singer Renee Lobue sends big holiday cheer to the imaginary world. We *heart* you back, Renee!


10. Lavender Diamond: “Open Your Heart”

It’s weird: I love this song, but just didn’t dig the rest of the album. Too many religious overtones, maybe. Oh well. This video is bliss.


11. Antiques: “These Things

Steven and Tim, who call themselves Antiques, are a couple of the finest people I know, and they make songs that warm your heart. Lots and lots of em! “These Things” is off their latest, Floodlight.




12. Drug Rug: “For the Rest of Your Life”

This Boston duo & co. had a great 2007, releasing their debut on Black & Greene records (label of Apollo Sunshine drummer Jeremy Greene) and supporting the Fiery Furnaces on a brief tour. Their hometown shows are consistently packed.

Here they are playing this song at PA’s Lounge in May.


13. Sleeping In the Aviary: “Gloworm”

Another reason I *heart* Madison. This video features “Gloworm” and “Maureen.”


14. Connan and the Mockasins: “Sneaky Sneaky Dogfriend”

I caught these guys at CMJ and fell for their quirky charm. This songs completely delights me. Know how I feel about whistling? I’m equally taken by handclaps.


15. Township: “Give It To It

I’ve been telling you about these guys for as long as I’ve been writing for TIG. They won the WBCN Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble (a battle of the bands whose claim to fame is crowning ‘Til Tuesday in the early ’80s) and they’re really incredible. Pure straight up rock ‘n’ roll here.

(And, odd little snippet: The photo on the cover of Performer, below, was taken in my Grandmother’s bathroom. True story.)


Township cover


16. Menomena: “Rotten Hell”


17. Tiger Saw: “Kick and Snare

A Boston-area collective with a revolving roster of members, led by Dylan Metrano. This song features crooning vocals by Sam Rosen on the lead-in. Yum.


Tiger Saw by Lara Woolfson


18. Black Kids: “I’ve Underestimated My Charm (Again)”

A recent discovery for me, this Florida band is riding a wave of indie buzz. This song is pop gold.


19. Great Northern: “The Middle”


20. Lost In the Trees: “If You’re Afraid of the Dark

Someone wrote about this band here on TIG earlier this year, so I checked them out and am particularly crazy about this song for its lush vocal harmonies.

Lost In the Trees


21. The Saps: “Broke My Spine”

Chicago band whose album I reviewed months ago. This song stuck with me and I really adore it.

The Saps


22. Wild Light: “California On My Mind

Fresh off opening for Arcade Fire in the US and Europe, and with only an EP release so far (but a full length coming soon), these guys are briefly back home in Boston preparing their world domination. Seriously, don’t resist, just fall in love with them now.


23. The Motion Sick:30 Lives

Good peeps, good hooks, and an especially awesome bridge. Brilliant video too. Will be submitting a review of their new record The Truth Will Catch You, Just Wait…, which features this song, very soon!