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Coming up in less than a week: Emerald City Comic Con 2023 – its 20th Anniversary (!!!) – at the very shiny brand new Seattle Convention Center Summit building! That’s right, no more trekking back and forth from the WSCC to the TCC to the Hyatt; everything is now under one roof*. From Thursday March March 2, through Sunday, March 5th – I’ll be there meeting celebs, checking out the show floor, attending panels, spending wayyyyy too much money, and (always, always, ALWAYS), freaking out over all the great cosplays. 

*EXCEPT Ticket Will Call, which is at The Seattle Convention Center TCC Arch at 800 Pike Street.

Here are ALL THE THINGS I’m most excited about this year: 

ECCC got me good this year by booking a bunch of stars I personally ADORE. I somehow paired down my wish list of autographs and photos to the bare essentials – but let’s be honest: we all know I’m gonna drop a ton more once I get to that floor and lay eyes on everyone at their tables. 

I know all y’all will probably be in line for Mark Ruffalo (I did give brief thought to bringing him a packet of Razzles) and David Tenant, but I’m headed straight for Neve Campbell & Skeet Ulrich so I can get my SCREAM duo fandom on. Also grabbing a photo with Sherilyn Fenn, iconic as Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks – and someone who stole my teenage heart back in the day when I saw her in a small part of JUST ONE OF THE GUYS and as the object of alien affection in THE WRAITH. Other celebs I’m stoked about – the BTVS Trio of Charisma Carpenter, James Marsters, and Kristine Sutherland (Joyce! *sob*), badass icon Lorri Petty, and of course Ray Wise & Sheryl Lee, aka Leland & Laura Palmer. I’m also quite fond of Katee Sackoff and Mara Wilson. ALIEN fans should note the appearance of Veronica Cartwright & Tom Skerritt (Sunday only). See the whole list of guests here

Also check out these celeb panels on the Main stage  (Level 5; same as Photo Ops!): 

Friday, March 3, 1pm: What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie? Scream Cast Reunion

Saturday, March 4, 11:15am: As A Crew: The Cast of Our Flag Means Death

Saturday, March 4, 2:45pm: Grab Your Crosses, It’s a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion

Saturday, March 4, 4:15pm: Emerald Knight In The Emerald City: Arrow Cast Reunion

Sunday, March 5, 12pm: Mean and Green, The Mark Ruffalo Spotlight 

Sunday, March 5, 12:30pm: This Is The Way: The Mandalorian Cast Panel

Sunday, March 5, 2pm: A Damn Fine Panel: The Cast of Twin Peaks

Yip Yips!
Spike & Drusilla
Immortan Trump


Mashups are my absolute favorite, but I’m a sucker for basically any kind of cosplay, be it 1 of 1000 slave Leias, or something totally obscure. This year I’m gonna be on the lookout for THE LAST OF US cosplays (someone out there has gotta be planning a killer Clicker cosplay, right?!? And god help anybody who looks even remotely like Pedro; they gonna be swarmed with attention), WEDNESDAY realness, MOON KNIGHT and MS. MARVEL – and I’m personally hoping for some M3GAN or Maxine (X, PEARL) sightings. 

Remember, friends: COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT. Ask people before you snap photos of them, and don’t get grabby. That’s just gross. 


Swing through those booths and grab some books and cool stuff on both the Exhibitor Floor and Artist Alley. I highly recommend making a list of books you’ve been wanting to check out AND grabbing at least a few things you’ve never heard of before. As for the “stuff” – there is truly something for everyone here. 

My picks for booths to stop by: 

Aloha Comics

Arctic Phoenix Studios  

Blue Moon Books

Elhoffer Design

Friday Afternoon Tea

Imps and Monsters 

Little Shop of Pins

Luna Sea Studios

Optimystical Studios  

The Creeping Moon

Phantom Zone Comics

MORE THINGS: There is no possible way I can select which panels, screenings, or workshops to go to. Take a look at the schedule here and pick out what you wanna go see! There ARE SO MANY GOOD OPTIONS.


  1. I know it’s not “in fashion” anymore, but wearing a mask is a great idea because Con Crud is REAL (+ no matter how much you think COVID is over, it’s not)
  2. Bring a refillable water bottle with you; it needs to be empty when you enter, but the WSCC has fountains you can fill it up with
  3. Bring some snacks – there are food options, but lines are always, always, always very long 
  4. Wear comfy shoes (if you can! I know it might not be possible with your cosplays) 
  5. Have plenty of cash in case a vendor’s WiFi isn’t working