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{photo from gold-bears myspace}

Sometimes the worst days bring the best music. Aint it the truth? There’s nothing that can cure a bad day like obsessing over a new band. And thus, let me present Atlanta’s gold-bears, the sort of new incarnation of the wonderful Magic Marker band Plastic Mastery. Ever wanted to know what it would be like if John Darnielle fronted a Tommy-era Wedding Present? Ever dream for a combination of early-mid period Superchunk and Boyracer? Do you miss the Faintest Ideas as much as I do? If jangly guitars, beautiful melodies, and full on fuzzy feedback assualts are your thing, then gold-bears are your dream band. The two songs posted on their myspace page “Tally” and “Jezzer” already are in the running for favorite songs of the year, and the best news is that they have a single coming out on Magic Marker soon, followed shortly by another on Cloudberry. And, if you do it quickly, you can download these two songs on indiepages. Play and repeat all night.