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I feel so worldly… my favorite new band is from Belgium! What I love most about The Tellers is their ability to expertly combine the unlikely duo of The Libertines (“I’ve Got A World”) and the Pooh Sticks (“Salt”).  Their second album, Close the Evil Eye, came out on March, 22, 2011 and features lovingly brazen pop songs that capture fast-forward retro guitars that would fit perfectly between The Kinks and The Hives.

Currently my favorite song from the new album is “Cold as Ice” (that’s hard to type without singing a Foreigner lyric).  And currently my least favorite thing is that fact that I just found out that The Tellers were in Seattle on March 7 at the Havana Social Club (and I wasn’t there!).  Did anyone see them when they were in town?

Their album as a whole is worth a listen… especially if you are looking for a response when your friends ask if you’ve heard the new Strokes album (which, full disclosure, I still haven’t heard yet).

I’ve clicked through their YouTube offerings and found that this live version of “Cold as Ice” shows off the song’s brilliance  best (and the fact that even someone holding a video camera can’t help but dance to their songs):