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Which path will Don take? You choose in the Mad Men 8-Bit Game.
Roger: "Now I gotta go sleep with Joan and Jane. I'm old and grey, but I get the hottest tail on the show."

Someone you know deserves a Badger of Honor: Award them with cute medals! 

Dexter, In the marina, with a butcher knife: Play the Dexter Board Game.

They fight and fight, and fight and fight and fight! Please enjoy Every Itchy and Scratchy show from The Simpsons. (before it's blocked by Fox!)

This might be even more disturbing than the movie: Requiem for Cathy's (as in Guisewite) Dream.

Die, green pigs! An Angry Birds Theme Park might be happening in Europe (dang). 

Want a beer? No problem, I'll just open up my Marshall Amp FRIDGE.

What'd you guys see online this week?