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I admit it, I'm a sucker for pretty young girls and boys who make ridiculously cute videos about working towards their dream of recording a slick debut album so they can share their dreamy electro-pop melodies with the entire world. So when a gorgeous local young lady (and former co-worker) I know named Leah announced on Facebook that she'd started a new band called Lux, I took some interest. And when she posted a video on the Lux page for a kickstarter project, I took a closer look.

And what I learned is this: Lux's lo-fi demos are filled with synthy goodness, fuzzy guitars, and purty purty duets, making them a band worthy of your attention. Cruise over to their Facebook page to listen to some tunes (start with "I'll Try to Ignore the Fact that You're Drowning", and sing along to the "whoa oh oh oh"s), and take a look at their DIY video above to see what you think. I'm betting you'll probably want to help them out too.

Next stop, the Lux Seattle club tour!