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It’s no surprise that “Nightmusic,” off of Grimes' album Visions, which our own Chris Estey compared to Cocteau Twins (sort of) would be a video better suited to the dark, wet days of a Pacific Northwest autumn than the glorious sunshine we’ve been having lately. Imaginary Amie already brought you the perfect opening track for your summer mix. You might want to save this grey and moody video from Grimes for the closer.

Unseasonable as it may be, “Nightmusic” is worth a late-night viewing. Grimes, the Vancouver, B.C. native Claire Boucher, here appears as a sinister version of the Neverending Story’s Childlike Empress, an image well-matched to her high-pitched, infantile voice. She alternates between this and some kind of ill-intentioned wood nymph casting spells on a slightly NSFW naked couple. The spooky video seems to tell a story, but you don’t have to figure out what it is to appreciate the contrast, reminiscent of Fiona Apple’s “Criminal,” between its dark content and Boucher’s childish appearance. The first offering from her new jewelry line, which appears in the video, is a little harder to appreciate.

{The next time Grimes will be playing is Seattle is the Capitol Hill Block Party the weekend of July 20.}